Ceramic Cameras and Vessels

by valrac4_a3kqdy

© Steve Irvine

Steve Irvine’s ceramic pinhole cameras and vessels will be on view at Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Ont., from September 6 through 29. Irvine’s creative process is connected to natural processes and Chaos Theory. Irvine’s ceramic pinhole cameras use photo paper for the negative which is developed in a wet darkroom, and the tonal values are inverted to make the final, positive print. The camera pictured above is 43 cm tall, 22 cm wide, and 19 cm deep. The stoneware was fired to 1,300 deg. C. (2,350 F) in a reduction atmosphere, and copper, brass, 23K gold leaf, and found objects were added after it was fired. It uses a 5 x 8 inch photo paper negative.

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