Marumi Introduces Two New Lens Filters: EXUS Lens Protect and EXUS Circular Polarizer

by valrac4_a3kqdy

The new Marumi Exus filters

Building on the success of the present DHG and Super DHG filter products, the Marumi EXUS product is now available in Canada from Edma Marketing in the popular sizes of 13 different diameters ranging from 37mm to 82mm, and features a new antistatic/anti-reflective coating and glass-mounting system which contributes to exceptional high-quality imaging in digital and film SLR photography.


  • Low surface reflection of less than 0.3% that does not affect the visible light range.
  • New antistatic coating – protects the lens from static clinging of dust and offers stain-resistance with easy cleaning of water spots and fingerprints
  • Ultra-thin frame – improved flatness and intensity over DHG and Super DHG models
  • Water and oil repellant coating
  • Wide-angle capability
  • Portable filter case supplied

The EXUS Polarizer has increased light transmission over conventional polarizers by 30%, which affords easier viewing from the finder with greater clarity, intensity and detail.

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