Picture Change: Michele Taras

by valrac4_a3kqdy
© Michele Taras

© Michele Taras

After losing her grandmother to breast cancer, Michele Taras decided to do something in her honour, something that would help others diagnosed with the disease.

Over the next few years, Michele photographed over 100 breast cancer survivors. The project not only increased the self-esteem of many of the subjects (one woman said, “You are right, I am still beautiful!”), but also inspired Michele and taught her to care about the important things in life.

Michele exhibited the photos in a number of locations and at the show in London, Ontario, a woman approached a volunteer and said, “I have breast cancer. They wanted me to do chemo, but I said no. Now that I see these pictures and read these stories, I have changed my mind.”

“To think that we were able to save a life was the greatest gift to come out of this project,” says Michele. The photo above is of Sara, a very young breast cancer survivor.

PhotoSensitive is a non-profit collective of photographers committed to using black-and-white photography to address social issues. PhotoSensitive’s new exhibition, Picture Change, is a Toronto-based show dedicated to highlighting the ways that photography makes a difference in the world by provoking action, reflection, or even a change in a policy or law.

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