RotaryView Launches Free Online Marketplace 360° Product Views

by valrac4_a3kqdy

RotaryView has launched the first free online marketplace for 360° images. The database contains thousands of high-quality, commercial 360° shots, completing its suite of 360° mobile app and prosumer technologies—giving small-to-medium sized businesses a set of free and low-cost tools to achieve the professional look for online product sales, which typically costs big brands more than $10,000.

The combined offering is a new approach to a two-decade old technology that has failed to spread beyond major brands to smaller manufacturers, retailers and online marketplace resellers—mainly because of cost prohibitions and tedious process. Replacing static images with interactive rotary views that showcase all product angles leads to reduced product returns, an enhanced customer experience and increased sales.

“We’ve been in the commercial 360° image space for over fifteen years and decided the whole system needed a reboot to catch on with the masses,” said RotaryView CEO and co-founder Gev Rotem. “With RotaryView, you don’t need professional equipment; we make it simple and affordable. We’ve even built up a community of 360° images populated by photographers, retailers, resellers and big name brands—all around the idea of sharing 360° photography to help everyone sell more products.”

The RotaryView suite of products offers three easy ways to transition from motionless images to interactive rotating views:

  • Mobile App – Available for free on both iOS and Android, RotaryView’s mobile app creates professional quality 360° images of products in under 40 seconds, automatically uploading them to and giving users instant embed codes for their websites.
  • Advanced Solution – The first and only solution where users can upload a sequence of photos taken from any camera, and generate professional 360° interactive rotary views.  Users only need a rotating table, lighting and a camera—a smarter option compared to using industry equipment that costs around $10,000.
  • Readymade 360° Collection – Browse and use RotaryView’s database of free, ready-to-use 360° images of popular items, including fashion items, smartphones and sportswear. Established brands can add their own images to the gallery to see them used widely by online retailers and resellers.

“We value our customers and understand the importance of creating the optimal online shopping environment,” said Oren Dar, CEO of Eyewear-Direct. “RotaryView helps us create the in-store experience with 360° views, making the shopping process more interactive. Since utilizing RotaryView’s technology, we’ve increased our sales, received more positive reviews and reduced product return rates.”

RotaryView launched the solution for digital cameras in 2011 and introduced their popular mobile app in 2012. Now, by offering the industry’s largest database of professional ready-made images, RotaryView is the only cross-platform, comprehensive solution that empowers users with free and low cost product display tools to create professional, interactive images, or use thousands of 360° options available from the complimentary product database. The best kept secret in e-commerce isn’t a secret anymore.

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