Embedded: Gentec’s West Coast Tour

by valrac4_a3kqdy

© David Tanaka

At some point, after several intense hours of photographing along the B.C. coast, Ethan remarks that even if we don’t see another thing we’ll have had a great day. I couldn’t have agreed more.

We’re part of a group of writers, photographers, bloggers, Instagrammers and videographers that have been brought to a swish destination called Sonora Resort to sample the experience and then share with our respective audiences. The weather, the marine animals, the grizzlies and the salmon have all cooperated to make it an ideal day of photography.

Ontario nature photographer, Ethan Meleg, has a specific assignment. He’s been using Sigma lenses for several years. Gentec, Sigma’s distributor in Canada, has loaned him a few newer Sigma pieces to get his impressions of them.

I have a specific assignment too—to shadow Ethan, photograph him, interview him and video the interview. Gentec has loaned me a few Sigma lenses too, so basically I’m going be using Sigma lenses to record Ethan taking pictures using Sigma lenses. But overall, we’re to enjoy the sights, enjoy the food, enjoy the company. Sweet assignment.

Next installments: What do you say to a Steller Sea Lion? and Grizzly Bear Picnic

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