Review: iFlow

by valrac4_a3kqdy
iFlow prototype, "Artiste" version

iFlow prototype, "Artist" version

We recently had the opportunity to get our hands on a prototype of the iFlow, a small portable dolly invented and marketed by the Canadian company Stability in Motion, on which you can mount a smartphone or camera in order to stabilize its movement while filming video.

A great gadget for video enthusiasts, the iFlow has 6 wheels: two on each side of the dolly and two underneath. What sets this product apart from the others on the market is the way it clamps so that you can attach it onto a bannister or a railing, for example. Once in this position, the iFlow moves with the 2 central wheels and is stabilized by the 4 lateral wheels. The lateral wheels have two positions to create the varying levels of tension in the clamp system that allow it to attach snugly to a range of objects of different sizes. The iFlow can also be used on a flat surface. You open the clamp all the way and the lateral wheels spread apart to maximize the support surface area. The iFlow has a standard ¼-inch mount for attaching a ball head or smartphone adapter (e.g., a Joby GripTight). Stabilility in Motion also makes optional ball head or smartphone adapters available for purchase. The dolly can support a maximum of two pounds.

IFLOW’s Clamp System from IFlow Pro on Vimeo.

When we tested it, the clamping function was very useful for attaching and sliding down available surfaces. We tested a prototype and think there will be certain small adjustments made in the final version. For example, the spring tension could be a little tighter to give a better sense of security, and the plastic used for certain pieces seemed a little fragile. The company confirmed that certain adjustments would be made to the prototype.

This is an ingenious accessory that will certainly please those who don’t want to be weighed down with unnecessarily bulky equipment. This accessory was produced as a result of crowd-funding. The “Artist” version, designed by Montreal graffiti artist Astro, is available exclusively to those who donated to the fundraising campaign. The model sold in stores and online will be matte black. The official launch of the iFlow will be November 1. The suggested retail price is $129; carrying case and accessories (ballhead and smartphone adapter) sold separately.

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