Turkey Photo Tour and Istanbul Tulip Festival

by valrac4_a3kqdy
© Louise Tanguay

© Louise Tanguay

From April 12 through 26, you are invited to discover Turkey’s spectacular scenery, people, famous mosques, grand bazaars, ancient architecture and Istanbul’s International Tulip Festival with Canadian photographer Louise Tanguay, in collaboration with Photo Life magazine and Turkish Airlines.

Turkey provides photographic opportunities like nowhere else in the world. Its rich history plunges us into a distant past. Its villages and natural wonders are a photographer’s dream. The kindness of its inhabitants will be in our best memories. This two-week adventure, organized in collaboration with Photo Life magazine, will include Istanbul’s International Tulip Festival, byzantine splendour, the geological formations of Cappadocia, stunning architecture and ancient Roman ruins.

The trip is open to photographers of all levels (and non-photographers), with a maximum of twelve participants. For more information and the complete itinerary, please visit our Workshops page.

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