InsideOut UL Hiking Daypacks and Access-H PL Holsters

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Press Release

Kata’s InsideOut UL hiking daypacks

Kata’s InsideOut UL hiking daypacks

Gentec International, the exclusive Canadian distributor of Kata products, has announced the launch of Kata’s InsideOut UL hiking daypacks and Access-H PL camera holsters. Both series feature Kata’s lightweight yet rugged materials, advanced technologies, and optimal ergonomics.

InsideOut UL Hiking Daypacks
These hiking daypacks have been designed to accompany photographers on their excursions and carry all the hiking and personal gear they need alongside their camera, which is securely protected and always accessible when in the side quick-draw position; the side access can be set up for both right- and left-handed use by positioning the camera insert so that it faces the opening of your choice.

Unique to this series is the ability to reduce the pack’s capacity by simply turning the front flap inside out and converting the backpack into a compact, low-profile everyday carrying pack. In this configuration, it is 40% more compact than the expanded pack with its large storage pockets, yet it still has room for your camera and essentials. You can also leave the padded camera insert at home and make use of the large space inside, along with the padded tablet/laptop slot, for carrying your daily essentials.

The InsideOut UL is available in two sizes, allowing the user to decide the exact ratio of personal and camera gear required, as well as offering the best fit for male or female hikers.

Choose the more compact and simple InsideOut-100 UL when your equipment needs are minimal. This light and compact hiking daypack provides ample room for a DSLR with standard zoom lens attached, plus two short lenses, flash, and accessories. The InsideOut-100 UL (UL-IO-100) has a suggested retail price of $249.95.

The InsideOut-200 UL is a light and compact hiking daypack designed to carry more weight and larger equipment; comfort is assured thanks to the pack’s detachable, ergonomic waist belt and advanced harness system. Two camera inserts allow more flexibility in arranging hiking, personal, and photographic gear, which can include a DSLR with standard zoom lens attached, plus two lenses, professional flash, and accessories. The InsideOut-200 UL (UL-IO-200) has a suggested retail price of $299.95.

Access-H PL Holsters
Access-H PL holsters have been made compact and lightweight without compromising protection or functionality, making them the perfect choice for professional use. These versatile holsters provide photographers with the best carrying, storage, and working solutions for any terrain or extreme outdoor condition.

The slim shape has been designed for maximum efficiency with padded, internal dividers that utilize the space on both sides of the main camera and lens set-up to maximize the capacity. The top flap opens away from your body to allow fast and easy access to your camera.

Four sizes ensure an optimum fit for all popular camera, lens, and accessory combinations. The Access H-14 PL Holster (PL-AH-14) holds a DSLR with a standard zoom lens attached, while the deeper Access H-16 PL Holster (PL-AH-16) accommodates a pro DSLR with a standard zoom lens; suggested retail prices are $99.95 and $109.95, respectively.

The Access H-17 PL Holster (PL-AH-17) holds a DSLR with a medium telephoto lens, while the Access H-18 PL Holster (PL-AH-18) holds a medium telephoto attached to a pro DSLR; suggested retail prices are $119.95 and $129.95, respectively. The versatile Access H-17 PL and Access H-18 PL include a unique convertible strap that allows a shoulder strap or backpack harness carrying option.

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