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Gentec International Press Release

The new Speed Snoot by Gary Fong

The new Speed Snoot by Gary Fong

Gentec International, the Canadian distributor of Gary Fong flash accessories, announces the launch of ten new products to the popular Gary Fong product line, including an improved, fifth generation Lightsphere®, a new Speed Snoot, three value-packed Lightsphere® Collapsible™ lighting kits, a colour reference kit, and the Puffer™ Plus, which can be purchased with an optional warming shield.

Another exciting element of the product launch is the addition of highly-detailed, HD-quality tutorial DVDs included with the new Lightsphere Collapsible kits. Additionally, photographers can now join over 17,000 Gary Fong YouTube Channel subscribers at, free of charge, to gain access to more than 300 tutorial videos on photography, lighting, software, creative techniques, and more.

This educational component, along with the complete revamping of the keystone Gary Fong products, represents the most significant and comprehensive product launch since the introduction of the famed Lightsphere® in 2004. The new Gary Fong products will be available in December.

Lightsphere® Collapsible™ Speed Mount (LSCSM $89.95)
Replacing the Lightsphere Collapsible, the new, fifth generation Lightsphere embodies the fundamental features of the first generation model but with the added convenience of the new Speed Mount, which allows photographers to securely attach and remove the diffuser in seconds. Once in place, photographers can rest assured that the Lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount will stay securely in place, offering an equally tight fit for even the newest, larger flash sizes. Translucent horizontal rings provide soft, even illumination with a minimum loss of power. The diffuser folds flat and is actually lighter than the original model to offer ultimate portability.

Speed Snoot (SSNOOT $89.95)
The new Speed Snoot, which replaces the PowerSnoot and Lightsphere Collapsible Snoot, also boasts the new Speed Mount system, allowing photographers to securely attach and remove the diffuser in seconds. The Speed Snoot gives photographers maximum efficiency and directional control over flash lighting when mounted off-camera, making it possible to create cutting edge, “fashion-style” special effects. The black finish of the Speed Snoot blocks the light spilled out of the sides of the diffuser, so instead of filing a room with soft light, the photographer can project the light directly onto the subject with a controlled yet soft burst that is great for hair highlighting, selective lighting of subjects, or highlighting a subject against a busy background. The lightweight diffuser folds flat to offer ultimate portability.

Lightsphere® Collapsible™ Lighting Kits
All three new Lightsphere Collapsible lighting kits include the recently released, fifth generation Lightsphere Speed Mount, as well as a hand-selected variety of other Gary Fong products to suit each photographer’s unique lighting requirements. The products for each kit come housed in a custom case with a break-away strap that can easily be attached to your belt or to another bag, providing a convenient, portable method for storing and accessing your lighting accessories. Each of the kits include a highly-detailed, kit-specific tutorial DVD to get photographers up and running immediately.

The new Lightsphere Collapsible kits were designed with efficiency and portability in mind. Whether a photographer is shooting a backyard wedding, a portrait session, or products for advertising, these latest additions to the Gary Fong product line will make strenuous set-ups and traveling with large lighting equipment a thing of the past. Better yet, the detailed tutorial DVD will not only include step-by-step instructions for getting started, but will also offer many advanced techniques for elevating creativity on every photo shoot.

Lightsphere® Collapsible™ Wedding & Event Lighting Kit (LSCSMWE $119.95)
The Lightsphere Collapsible Wedding & Event Lighting Kit has everything a busy photographer needs to adapt to the quickly changing environments at weddings and events. It includes the new Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount, the WhiteDome, the AmberDome, the GreyDome, an instructional DVD, and custom case.

Lightsphere® Collapsible™ Portrait Lighting Kit (LSCSMP $149.95)
The Lightsphere Collapsible Portrait Lighting Kit includes all the necessities to make on-location portrait sessions a success. It includes the new Lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount, the new Speed Snoot with PowerGrid, the WhiteDome, the GreyDome, an instructional DVD, and custom case.

Lightsphere® Collapsible™ Fashion & Commercial Lighting Kit (LSCSMFC $179.95)
The Lightsphere Collapsible Fashion & Commercial Lighting Kit is perfect for the discerning photographer who demands precision lighting. It includes the new Lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount, the new Speed Snoot with PowerGrid, the WhiteDome, the AmberDome, the GreyDome, a coloured gel kit, an instructional DVD, and custom case.

Puffer™ Plus for Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic Lumix, and Samsung (PUFFERPLS $34.95),
Puffer™ Plus Canon (PUFFERPLSC $34.95), Puffer™ Plus Sony for Sony, Konica, and Minolta (PUFFERPLSS $34.95), and Puffer™ Plus Warming Shield (PUFPLSWS $14.95)

The Puffer Plus, which replaces the original Puffer pop-up flash diffuser, was redesigned with a new shield that is nearly double the size of the original model and has an advanced, light-filtering, textured finish. Its convenient sliding rail system allows for quick centering of the shield over the camera’s pop-up flash. Attached directly to the camera’s hot-shoe, the Puffer Plus does not interfere with in-camera systems to ensure the full capabilities of the camera are preserved. When not in use, the sturdy, travel-friendly Puffer Plus easily disassembles and stows in a camera bag or even a photographer’s pocket. The Puffer Plus eliminates harsh shadows, red-eye, and hot spots so photographers can achieve beautiful, professional-style photos with minimal equipment.

Also new to the line-up is the Puffer Plus Warming Shield which, when used in place of the standard shield that comes with the Puffer Plus, creates a gentle warming effect that is ideal for shooting in open shade or enriching the colours of a sunset shoot.

Colour Reference Kit (COLRFKIT $39.95)
The new Colour Reference Kit utilizes incident and reflective metering to provide photographers with complete colour control in one affordable kit. Created for photographers looking to gain spot-on accuracy, the Colour Reference Kit includes the WhiteDome, the GrayDome, an intuitive pocket field guide, and a convenient lanyard to keep everything together.

For demonstration videos and to learn more about the full line of Gary Fong products, visit and search “Gary Fong”.

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