Manfrotto’s Innovative 055 Tripod Collection and Compact X-PRO 3-Way Head

by valrac4_a3kqdy

MT055XPRO3 0002

Gentec International, the exclusive Canadian distributor of Manfrotto products, has announced the launch of the new 055 collection of professional tripods featuring a new, innovative design that is versatile, precise, and easy to use. To complement the new tripod collection, Manfrotto has also introduced the X-PRO a 3-way head, offering maximum precision in a compact design.


The new 055 models represent the next generation of this popular, professional tripod collection with their advanced design and functionality. The new Quick Power Lock (QPL) system applies significantly increased locking power to the leg section cuffs, making the tripod much stiffer—more rigid than the previous models—and extending the maximum load capacity from 7 kilograms to 9 kilograms to support heavy professional equipment in any position. The increased locking power, however, doesn’t mean that the leg levers are harder to use. In fact, the QPL system has been specifically designed to allow single-handed opening of all leg sections on the folded tripod to reduce set-up time and ensure even greater ergonomic ease.

The new 055 design also features a vertical/horizontal column mechanism hidden inside the tripod’s top casting until it is needed, occupying less space than on the previous models. Both the head and camera are now closer to the central casting, making the tripod even more rigid to further ensure image sharpness. When required, the touch of one-finger lifts the 90° column mechanism out of the casting, allowing the centre column to swing to the horizontal position, without removing the head or camera.

The new horizontal column mechanism, combined with the four leg angles, allows the new 055 to smoothly reach whatever camera position the photographer requires. Adding to the tripod’s versatility, the bubble level can be rotated 360° so it can always be positioned for optimal visibility, never falling inconveniently under a head locking lever. Offering unlimited creativity, the Easy Link attachment allows the tripod to be converted to a portable photography studio; by simply attaching an arm with an LED light, a reflector, or any other accessory, the new 055 goes beyond the classic boundaries of tripod functionality.

The Manfrotto 055 collection is available now and includes three-section (MT055CXP3) and four-section (MT055CXP4) carbon fibre models with suggested retail prices of $549.95 and $579.95, respectively. A three-section aluminum model (MT055XPRO3) is available on its own for $289.95 or as a kit with the 498RC2 ball head (MK055XP3BH) or the new X-PRO 3-way head (MK055XP33W), both with a suggested retail price of $429.95.

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