More Details on the PrinTao 8 Review

by valrac4_a3kqdy
printao custom papers dialog

Custom papers, such as Moab or Inkpress, can be added via the Start Pilot page of PrinTao 8.

After going to press with our June/July issue, we had further discussions with the LaserSoft team, who created the PrinTao software, and they provided more details on how to use custom papers and custom paper sizes with the software.

printao paper size dialog

There is also a way to add customized paper sizes by using an option on the Layout page.

PrinTao includes several well-known brands of paper in its database, including Epson, Canson, Hahnemühle, Ilford, Red River, Tecco and Tetenal, but it does not include Moab or Inkpress, which are commonly used in Canada. To add these, users need to go to the Start Pilot page where they will have the option to add print media, in the same area where you select your paper type. The Start Pilot then takes the user to a dialog box, which gives three options: Installed Papers (paper types already in the software, including Epson, Hahnemühle, Red River, Tecco, Ilford and Tetonal), Available Papers (papers that are already installed, including any custom paper types added), and Custom Papers (which is where you can add any other paper type that has a ICC profile).

To install your own papers (Moab was used as an example in the screen capture above), you have to start with an existing paper brand that’s in the PrinTao database: Epson or Ilford. Select one of the papers that comes close to the custom paper you want to use. For the example here, Epson Fine Art was selected to set up Entrada paper, but there were two or three other matte-finish Epson papers that could have been selected instead.

Once you’ve chosen the paper, select the ICC profile file (which was downloaded from the Moab website). Name that as you wish. You will not actually get a new paper category called Moab—the two defaults, Epson and Ilford, remain—but the Moab papers will go into a third category called Custom.

There is also a way to add customized paper sizes. This option is not available on the Start Pilot page, but can be done from the Layout page. Just select Custom Size for any printer. The screen capture on your right shows that the paper size was changed from the standard 17 x 22″ to 17 x 25″ format.

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