Photopolis 2014

by valrac4_a3kqdy


© Colin Campbell

© Colin Campbell

Halifax is celebrating photography throughout the month of October with its biannual festival, Photopolis—the largest celebration of photography on the east coast! With over 35 exhibitions in venues at galleries and alternative spaces, there is a wide range of exhibitions from local, national and international artists. In addition to these exhibitions, the schedule is packed 40 special events and a one-day symposium.

“Photographers interested in exhibiting their work are generally very socially engaged,” said Heather MacLeod, Photopolis president. “They are sharing their experiences, observations and perspectives of the world. They don’t just want their photographs to sit on the hard drive of a computer. Having a photography exhibition is a very social act directed at the community – one which takes considerable effort, skill and resources to make happen.”

For the complete schedule, please visit their website, (Click the images below in the slideshow to see the full-frame image.)



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