Julien Bourbon: Photographing the Present With the Tools of the Past

by valrac4_a3kqdy
© Julien Bourbon

© Julien Bourbon

In order to get people interested in the little-known technique of collodion photography, about a year ago Julien Bourbon began a portrait project with Québécois artists. Comedians Jean-Thomas Jobin and Jérémy Demay were the first to agree to take part in the project. Since Bourbon had little contact with the Québécois showbiz world, he approached stars after attending the filming of variety shows and presented his project and images. The project has taken off, and he’s already photographed 26 people. Each artist can choose two poses: Bourbon keeps the first for a possible exhibition, and he gives the second one to the artists to auction off to benefit a foundation or association. “It’s a beautiful project, but it’s also a lot of logistics to coordinate with artists and agencies. It can take weeks or even months to get an appointment. Don’t miss this interview in our February/March issue, now on newsstands!

Some references
• Basic Collodion Technique: Ambrotype & Tintype, by France Scully and Mark Osterman, collodion.org
• Chemical Pictures The Wet Plate Collodion Book: Making Ambrotypes, Tintypes & Alumitypes, by Quinn B. Jacobson, studioq.com

Here are two online stores with speciality chemical products for alternative photography:
• Bostick & Sullivan, bostick-sullivan.com
• ArtCraft Chemicals, artcraftchemicals.com

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