Have You Seen the World? Share Your Best Travel Anecdote!

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Share your best photo travel anecdote by replying to this post and you could win David duChemin’s latest eBook See the World — 20 Lessons for Stronger Travel Photographs!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hose who have traveled—and this includes going to exotic and remote places as well as visiting a nearby city—have an anecdote to share. Surprising and funny things just happen when traveling. Perhaps it’s because we are forced out of our day-to-day routine and more open to seeing what’s around us, or perhaps it’s because travelling invites the unexpected to happen. Whether your story is of good luck or bad luck, whether you took the photo of your life or missed it totally, we’d love to hear your story! Ten responses will be randomly chosen to win David duChemin’s latest eBook See the World—20 Lessons for Stronger Travel Photographs.

Check out our April/May 2015 issue for great content about travel photography: David duChemin’s Without the Frame column; Patrice Halley’s article on the Azores; recommendations on the best travel photo bags; tips to fly safely with your gear; and the winning images from our biggest annual photo contest, The World We Live In! And if you want to check out duChemin’s packing list (and use it as a starting place for your own travel list), you can find it here on his blog. You can even download it as an Evernote document for those of you that use Evernote!


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