McCord Presents Exhibition of Work by Style Photographer Horst

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Muriel Maxwell, American Vogue cover, 1 July 1939 © Condé Nast/Horst Estate // Dress by Sally Victor, modelled by Muriel Maxwell For July–red, white, and blue. With shiny white sharkskin –a red-and-blue turban; Sally Victor. Striped bag; Paul Flato. Primrose House Carnival Make-Up. Revlon Amoa Red polish. Lugene glasses. American Vogue, 1 July 1939.

The McCord Museum in Montreal is exhibiting Horst: Photographer of Style, the first major retrospective of Horst P. Horst’s work, through August 23. A touring exhibition produced by London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, the show presents more than 250 prints by the proominent fashion and portrait photographer, along with some haute couture dresses from the designers Chanel, Lanvin and Vionnet.

© Marilyn Aitken – Musée McCord / McCord Museum

© Marilyn Aitken – Musée McCord / McCord Museum


Corset by Detolle for Mainbocher, 1939 © Condé Nast/Horst Estate // Mainbocher Corset: This most alluring of fashion photographs depicts Madame Bernon wearing a back-lacing corset of pink satin. She assumes the role of Venus, goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, the proportions and contours of her body as perfect as a classical statue. It was the last photograph Horst made in Paris before the outbreak of war. It came to represent a turning point, the end of a charmed era.


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