Panasonic Canada’s Full HD HX-A1 Wearable Camera

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The Panasonic Full HD HX-A1

The Panasonic Full HD HX-A1

Press release by Panasonic Canada

Panasonic Canada has announced the Full HD HX-A1, a wearable camera that offers a revolutionary way to capture exciting footage, even in the dark. Canadians on-the-go will appreciate the HX-A1’s ultra-compact and lightweight (approximately 45-gram) design that makes shooting hands-free comfortable even over long periods of time.

Sturdy construction keeps water and dust out while protecting against impact and cold temperatures. Whether getting wet while canoeing and rafting or being exposed to the cold while snowboarding and skiing, the HX-A1 is the ideal choice for sports and outdoor enthusiasts alike, thanks to its durable design and high performance. It proves its strength even in the most rugged environments.

In addition to its ruggedness, it also enables users to shoot in the dark. Using an infrared (IR) light (commercially-available) and Glasscover (Night mode), users can film video in caves with no light from outside or shoot nocturnal wildlife in remote areas. With the HX-A1, the possibilities are endless.

Main Features

1. Ultra-Compact, Lightweight and Tough
Despite its ultra-compact and lightweight (approx. 45-g) body, the HX-A1 is designed to be used in harsh environments. Uniquely shaped, the cylindrical camera can be attached in many positions to suit a variety of shooting conditions.
•    Waterproof down to 1.5 m [5 ft] without a housing case (IPX8 compliant)
•    Shockproof up to 1.5 m[5 ft] (MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock compliant)
•    Dustproof IP6X compliant
•    Freezeproof down to -10°C [14°F]

2. “0 Lux Night Mode” for Capturing Night Time Footage

Using an IR light and Glasscover (Night mode), adventure enthusiasts won’t miss anything in the dark, even nocturnal wildlife in the depths of a forest.
Camera size and weight are so light that it’s comfortable to wear even with a heavy headlight.

3. Networking Functions
Built-in Wi-Fi
The Panasonic Image App can be used to check angles and viewpoint on smartphones or tablets before shooting. Images can then be uploaded to photo-posting websites or social media.
Wireless Twin Camera

While recording, footage from the HX-A1 can be sent to a sub-window on a Panasonic camcorder (released in 2015) via Wi-Fi. It is then combined with the main picture shot by the camcorder, allowing users to merge two simultaneously recorded videos into one. With this feature, it’s possible to combine multiple subjects in one video or combine the same subject viewed from different angles, which provides more possibilities for shooting in various situations.

The HX-A1 can also be used as a computer webcam when connected via USB. Using a head mount, it’s also easy to share the sights recorded with friends and family.

4. Additional Features
Loop Recording

The camera can also be used to capture unexpected events like a winning goal during a soccer match or a runner crossing the finish line in a race. When recording for longer than an hour, this mode retains the most recent hour of scenes by erasing earlier scenes. The camera keeps recording seamlessly, by managing video in two-minute segments. No need to worry about running out of space on memory cards.
Slow Motion Video
The HX-A1 captures every detail, even in fast-moving scenes. At 1280 × 720 pixels, the camera records at 60 fps (double the normal frame rate), and at 848 × 480 pixels, it records at 120 fps (quadruple-speed). This enables users to catch every detail when playing back the footage in slow motion.

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