Support Education and Community Programming at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery

by valrac4_a3kqdy
“Andreas” © Lora Moore-Kakaletris, 2014 / RMG Exposed 2014 Emerging Photographer Winner

“Andreas” © Lora Moore-Kakaletris, 2014 / RMG Exposed 2014 Emerging Photographer Winner

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, Ontario, is accepting entries to RMG Exposed through September 20. RMG Exposed is a fundraising auction to support The Robert McLaughlin Gallery and bring more attention to new work. All proceeds go to support education and community programming at the RMG. The auction is on November 14 at 7 p.m. Category winners will receive the following prizes.

  • Emerging Photographer Award: Spring 2016 Solo Exhibition Project at the RMG during the Contact Photography Festival.
  • Photojournalism/Documentary Prize: Portfolio review. Supported by Stephen Bulger Gallery.
  • Landscape/Nature Prize: Portfolio Review. Supported by ArtBarrage.
  • Architecture/Urban Prize: $300 cash prize. Supported by Nick Swerdfeger Architects.
  • Conceptual/Non-Representational Prize: $300 cash prize. Supported by Concrete Contemporary Auctions and Projects.
  • Best Youth Prize: $200 gift card to Robert Aldsworth Photo World. Supported by Robert Aldsworth Photo World.
  • Community Choice Award: $300 cash prize. Supported by Snapd Oshawa. Awarded to a photograph selected as a finalist in the silent auction as voted by attendees at RMG Exposed.

For more information on submitting your work or getting tickets to the auction, please visit the RMG Exposed website.

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