Test Review: Zenfolio

by Photo Life


[dropcap]C[/dropcap]atering to more than 100,000 customers, Zenfolio is regarded as one of the best solutions for photographers looking to own a serious website (that is also mobile ready) without the hassles of having to design or code it themselves. A major upside to Zenfolio is that it offers unlimited storage and saves photographers from finding a hosting company.

Design-wise, Zenfolio features more than 40 templates. Each template can be customized pretty extensively, from the color scheme to the fonts used. Also, considering that users in Canada may want to customize their menus in English and/or French, it’s very convenient to have the ability to rename the titles of all the menus. Menus and menu items are also fully customizable, allowing you to link to external urls if needed. It’s also worth mentioning that unlike other similar services, you can change the template without an additional fee and without impacting the content already present on the site.

Zenfolio’s interface, although a bit complex at first, is fairly easy to use. Uploading photos and configuring portfolios is done in a matter of minutes, and Zenfolio offers live support via chat directly from their website if you need help.screenshotzenfolio

Whenever you upload files to a gallery, it’s possible to configure the gallery as public, private or password protected, which is useful if you want to share a gallery with clients without having it be viewable on the website.

Although I prefer WordPress as a blog platform because it has more options for customization, it’s worth mentioning that Zenfolio offers an integrated blog on its platform. This is ideal for users who want to have all their content on the same platform. Of course, if you already have a blog elsewhere, you will be able to link to it.

Another considerable benefit of Zenfolio is that it allows you to sell your pictures, either as downloads or as more than 2000 different products such as prints, books, clothes, phone cases and more. (Four labs are available for Canadians: Pitko, MpixPro/Mpix, ivoke and fotoflot. It is also possible to use your own vendor using the self-fulfillment option.) As most similar services do, Zenfolio takes a commission of between 6 to 12%, depending on the product and your plan.

Overall, Zenfolio is a great integrated website/blog/ecommerce platform, and it’s perfect for photographers who like to have everything on the same platform.

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