Hearing Loss Fundraiser Calendar Features Portraits by Bryan Adams

by Photo Life
Images ©  Bryan Adams

Images © Bryan Adams

Are you still looking for a 2016 calendar? Every year the Hear the World Foundation puts together a calendar to raise money for people around the world who have hearing loss. The calendar features the organization’s celebrity ambassadors, and the 2016 edition was photographed by Canadian photographer (and, of course, musician) Bryan Adams. This year’s calendar includes images of Tina Turner, Rosamunde Pike, Rufus Sewell, Naomie Harris, Wim Wenders and other known figures from the cinema, fashion and music industries.

Hear the World Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness of hearing loss and provide international aid through grants and support of hearing healthcare projects around the world. Since 2006, the organization has provided support to more than 60 projects on five continents. The calendar is $40 and is available at hear-the-world.com.

(For more on Bryan Adams’ photography, subscribers can check out our interview with him in the December/January 2013 issue in the digital archives.)

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