Adobe Releases Lightroom Mobile 2.0 for Android

by Photo Life


Adobe’s refresh of Lightroom Mobile for Android is mostly an exercise in bringing the Android feature set up to the level found in the Apple iOS version—with one notable exception. With some Android devices, the new in-camera module will save photos in Adobe’s DNG raw format.(Unfortunately, I couldn’t test this because the RAW option is greyed out on my phone.)

Adobe says Lightroom Mobile 2.0 for Android achieves “almost 100 percent parity” with the iOS version. Included are split-toning, a haze-reduction tool called DeHaze, a Curves tool and a Targeted Adjustment Tool that localizes editing effects to specific hues. As with the iOS version, if you have Lightroom CC and a Creative Cloud account, you can select images to be synced to LR Mobile, and then work on them on your phone or tablet. Any adjustments you make on a mobile device are synced back to your main Lightroom library.

Lightroom Mobile 2.0 for Android is available from the GooglePlay store for free.

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