Are You Ready for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day?

by Photo Life

© Scott Linstead

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is April 24, and you’re invited to celebrate pinhole photography by taking one or more pinhole photographs on that day! In honour of the occasion, our April/May issue has an article about making a pinhole body cap for a digital camera. In it, engineer-turned-photographer Scott Linstead writes about his experience taking on pinhole photography. He shares what he learned, along with some tips on doing pinhole photography with a digital camera. (Other options would be to take the traditional pinhole-camera approach, or if you don’t want to make anything at all, check out Rising’s adapters.)

If you’d like to join a group event to fete Pinhole Photography Day, you can participate in Pinhole Camera Day and Photo Walk with Henry’s Photo in London, Ont.; take a Pinhole Photo Walk in Montreal with the Collectif des Photographes Argentistes du Québec; or join the Medicine Hat Pinholers in Medicine Hat, Alta. Or you can start a group in your area or simply do your own thing! And, of course, you’re invited to share your images on the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day website.

© Gaetan Cormier

© Gaetan Cormier (with the Collectif des Photographes Argentistes du Québec)

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