Ted Grant Answers Our Questions

by Photo Life

PL_1606_TEDGRANT01_LRYou might have noticed that we recently added a new feature to Photo Life called “Wisdom, Wit and Other Tidbits,” where we interview prominent photographers and then share their wisdom and stories with you. In the April/May issue, we interviewed Donald Weber, and in the June/July issue, we share our interview with Ted Grant, the father of Canadian photojournalism.

To whet your appetite, we’ll tell you one of his answers. We asked Dr. Ted what his first camera was and he said, “I received my first camera on my 20th birthday. This was my first birthday—May 27, 1950—after I was married to my now departed wife, Irene, of 64 years. She gave me an Argus A2 35-mm film camera. I still have it, and there’s a roll of film in it that I have tried for years to muster the strength of heart to remove and develop. Some day?”

We love talking with Dr. Ted, and we hope you’ll enjoy the interview as much as we did! Check out the rest of the interview in our June/July issue, now on newsstands.

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