by Photo Life

Being able to communicate an idea or story is an important part of being a photographer—or a human. It’s our stories that create meaning out of life and all those seemingly random events that occur day in and day out. Our brains constantly try to create significance from what we see. Even when life deals us a bad hand and we feel like our narrative throughline has been broken, we can choose to accept the plot twist and create a new story with the narrative pieces we have. Each of us has a story, and it’s through sharing them that we’re able to build relationships with others.

Around here in the Photo Life office, we’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of telling our stories and how to best communicate a narrative through images. In the June/July issue, David duChemin encouraged us to stop pressuring ourselves to get one perfect shot to encapsulate an experience and instead try shooting multiple photos. And now in the August/September issue, Patrick La Roque offers his approach to storytelling and creating narratives though images.

As Guy mentioned in his editorial, we’ve been thinking about what makes amazing photographers amazing, and we’re convinced a good part of it has to do with their ability to communicate ideas and stories to us, whether it’s with one image or a series. Check out Patrick La Roque’s “The Narrative: How to Tell a Multilayered Story Through Images” in the August/September issue. And if you have specific questions about storytelling that you’d like us to answer, please email us or leave them here in the comments!

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