Getting Published: Straight Talk and Practical Advice

by Photo Life

Would you love to publish a book of your photographs but don’t know where to start? If so, we’ve got just the article for you in our August/September issue. But before you read it, ask yourself if you really want to hear the truth from a professional. Street photographer Michael Ernest Sweet doesn’t sugar coat it when he explains what it takes to get published, but his refreshing honesty is a good balance to the overly optimistic voices that tell us to forge ahead with abandon to “pursue our dreams” without taking adequate time to reflect and determine if we are prepared for all that our dreams entail. Sweet explains what it takes to set yourself apart from the masses and gives an idea of the amount of work involved, while offering guidance and tips for those who decide to pursue getting published. Read Michael Ernest Sweet’s “Getting Published in Photography: Straight Talk and Practical Advice” in the Photo Life August/September issue on newsstands now.

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