5 Ways to Get Ready for The World We Live In Photo Contest

by Photo Life


Are you considering submitting your images to our biggest annual photo contest, The World We Live In? Even if you’ve never entered a photo contest in your life, don’t let the unknown hold you back! Here are five steps to ensure a smooth process.

1. Inform Yourself.
A good first step in preparing to enter a photo contest is to read the text about the themes and the instructions for submitting. Before entering any photo contest, you always want to read the fine print. Don’t skip this step! Some organizations use photo contests as a way to obtain right to a bank of images that they can later use for their own gain for free. Look for reputable contests that are clear that you will keep your copyright and make sure you are feel comfortable with all the rules and legal aspects.

2. Brainstorm the Possibilities.
While keeping the themes in mind, next look at your images and see what you may have that could fit into the theme categories. Perhaps you’ll also want to go out and shoot new images specifically for the contest’s themes. (And if you have great images that don’t fit the themes, save them for another contest. Check out our other contests here.)

3. Choose Carefully.
After you have all your possible images gathered, you’ll want to carefully select which ones to submit. Make sure your images are in focus and well framed (e.g., no distracting. unintended trash cans in the corner or no subject’s eyes out of focus, etc.) If you’re unsure which of your images are strongest, this would be a good time to enlist the help of an artistic friend or family member. Sometimes another person can see things that we don’t see and/or affirm our artistic instincts. You don’t have to take their opinion, but it’s often helpful to hear someone else’s perspective of which of your images are strongest.

4. Make the Final Adjustments.
Double-check your composition. Make any final retouches and edits, but don’t over-edit your images. Good editing should not be obvious. If you need help resizing your images so they are less than 1 MB, check out this post.

5. Register and Upload Your Images.
Register for the contest. After you get the email with your registration information, you will be able to log into your account and upload your images. When you upload your photos, make sure the file names do not have any accents, spaces or characters other than numbers and letters. If change your mind about a photo that you’ve uploaded, no problem. You can replace by uploading a new file in its place.

If you have any questions, please email us at twwli@photolife.com. We’re looking forward to seeing all your images! For more details and to participate visit photolife.com/twwli.

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