Peak Design Everyday Sling Review

by Photo Life


[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ollowing the success of its Everyday Messenger photo bags, Peak Design is taking it to a new level by proposing three new bags that will be available soon. These models—a backpack, a tote and a sling—are available now (through this Friday, September 9) for pre-order on Kickstarter. We had tested the Everyday Messenger bags (the 13” and 15” versions) for our August/September issue, and we really liked them, despite a couple of things we would have changed. So we were eager to checkout the prototype* of the brand-new Everyday Sling.

The Everyday Sling is a messenger bag made for carrying only the essentials, and it’s great for that. Fill it with a camera body, a lens or two, a few accessories, and a notebook, and you’re ready for the day! And with this bag you can actually go out for the whole day because it’s smaller and, as a result, lighter, even when filled. Your back and shoulders will thank you!



  • Its size. It’s neither too big nor too small. If you’re the type to bring everything and the kitchen sink with you, this is not the bag for you. However, if you like to travel light, you’ll love it!
  • The dividers, version 2.0. I was already sold on the origami-inspired dividers because they maximize space, but these are even better because they’ve added a lining, and they can now be in two positions at once.
  • The build quality. (No surprise here!) The high quality of the materials, the superior construction of the bag, and the attention to detail confirm (again) the company’s dedication.
  • The strap that stays in place! It may seem like a given, but one of our complaints about the Everyday Messenger was that its strap tended to slip. But with this sling, once the strap is adjusted, it doesn’t budge! And you can adjust it with only one hand!


  • The disappearance of the Anchor Link connectors. Huh? Who convinced them that not having these was a good idea??? We LOVED this Peak Design system of attaching little objects like keys.
  • Adieu, stabilizer strap. Yes, sometimes I like to do photo walks around town, stopping in a café for a coffee, but I’m also an avid urban cyclist. And when my kids decide to cross a river by hopping from one rock to another, I don’t wait on them…I join them! So I need a bag that can stay close to my body, and that’s why I would have wanted a stabilizer strap (like on the Everyday Messengers).


The Verdict?

The Peak Design Sling is a good bag. Excellent even. That said, perhaps the manufacturer made it slightly too minimal. The bag is kind of pricey (US$150MSRP or US$115 on Kickstarter until September 9) and incorporating the Anchor Link tethers and the stabilizer strap would have been a nice touch. Don’t worry, though, you can still use the Capture Clip.

* The version I tested is a prototype that’s almost identical to the final product.


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