Annie Sakkab Shares the Stories of Syrian Refugees

by Photo Life

Our October/November issue includes Laurence Butet-Roch’s article “Behind Words and Silences.” In it, Butet-Roch focuses on Annie Sakkab’s efforts to use her photography to share the stories of Syrian refugees in Jordan.

“Last November, Annie Sakkab, who immigrated to Canada in 2008, traveled to the Middle East with the intention of turning her lens on the growing numbers of Syrians who seek shelter in Jordan, and whose plight is being eclipsed in mainstream media by the reports of those who make it to Europe. Spending several months in the field researching the issue, she learned about the informal refugee camps where tents have been set up on private land outside the compounds run by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.” In particular, Sakkab said that she feels drawn to the stories of women: “I’ve never felt drawn to stories that weren’t women’s stories.” Sakkab shares about her experiences and her approach in her interview with Butet-Roch.

Make sure you check out this inspiring article in the November/October issue on newsstands now!

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