A Photographer’s Guide to Backpacking

by Photo Life

Are you planning a photo trip where you’ll be camping? In the October/November issue, Xavier Bonacorsi shares his favourite photo and camping gear and explains why he chooses each item. It’s a great resource to help you prepare for your next trip—or perhaps to give you an idea for that camper on your gift-buying list!

Travelling light is the most important rule for hikers, particularly when they’re also carrying photo gear.

The sheer amount of equipment available on the market today is overwhelming, and choosing the right outdoor gear can be difficult. When we spend one night in a tent every once in a while, we can easily make do with less-than-ideal equipment. But when we regularly leave for several days or weeks at a time, investing in quality equipment to help us stay dry, warm and comfortable makes all the difference!

Determining how we plan to use the desired equipment will help us better evaluate our needs and make good choices. Are we looking for the lightest option? Do we prefer versatility or specialization? Are we okay with sacrificing a little durability to have something that weighs less? Knowing how you feel about these questions will help you choose the right gear.

Don’t miss “Travelling Light: A Photographer’s Guide to Backpacking” in the October/November issue on newsstands now.

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