Is Photography a “Guy Thing”?

by Photo Life


In our December/January issue, Michael Ernest Sweet asks the question “Where are all the women?” Maybe you, like us, have been wondering why we don’t see more female ambassadors for the major brands. Why are there not more women leading conferences at expos and photo events? Sweet was curious so he decided to investigate why women aren’t more present in photography.

“For a long time, I have been intrigued by the ‘aura of masculinity’ that surrounds photography, and street photography more specifically. Why does photography appear to be a male-dominated sport? Are women just not interested, or are there forces at work to keep them out? Is there something inherently masculine about street photography or even photography in general?

There are, of course, no definite answers to these questions. Despite this, I set out to investigate. The irony of me being a male and writing this article is, of course, not lost on me, but I wanted to know if I am part of the problem. In the course of my investigation, I dug through some statistics, read Susan Sontag’s On Photography, and interviewed a popular New York City female street photographer and good friend, Sally Davies.”

Follow his journey and discoveries in the article “Where Are All the Women?” in the December/January issue, available on newsstands.

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