Interview With TWWLI Winner Julie Ross

by Photo Life
© Julie Ross (First-prize winner Interconnections, The World We Live in 2016)

© Julie Ross (First-prize winner, Interconnections category, The World We Live in 2016)

We interviewed another of last year’s The World We Live In winners, Julie Ross (First-prize winner, Interconnections); check out her advice below! If you’re thinking of entering the contest, you still have a little time to get your images in. The deadline is December 7 (11:59 p.m. EST).

Photo Life: Aside from the prizes, what have you gained from having participated in The World We Live In?
Julie Ross:
After I found out about my prize, I was very happy, mainly because it opened up the photographic world to me and I really valued having that recognition from the photographic milieu. I was honoured to win the first place in your contest, and since then I am a fervent ambassador of the magazine. I really love the winning photo that I submitted, but I never really thought it would catch the eyes of the jury. If I could tell one thing to the future participants, it’s this: “Don’t hesitate to submit the art that you like or that’s important to you and that fits with the theme. Dare to win!”

PL: What is your main source of photographic inspiration?
JR: Humans inspire me a lot in my photography, especially children. They’re always so stunningly candid. I’m also passionate about Asia and the richness of its colours and moods. I also have a weakness for minimalist photos, like the winning photo. But my main inspiration is and will always be my talented husband, Shovon Mahbub. I’ve learned a lot from his exceptional photography, which is influenced by his Asian roots.

PL: What is your all-time-favourite image that you’ve taken?
JR: There are lots of my photos that I really love, but this one always makes my heart flip. It was a cold winter morning, a few kilometres north of Dhaka, Bangladesh. In this country, the winter mornings are foggy and create a wonderful mood. These two girls use the rail track every morning to go to school…the path to the future.

© Julie Ross

© Julie Ross

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