Photography’s Struggle With Truth

by Photo Life

In our December/January issue, Sam Edmonds addresses some important questions about ethics in his long-form article “Objectivity or Objectification: Photography’s Struggle With Truth.” Edmonds dives deep into the subject and doesn’t hesitate to nudge us to consider how we evaluate “truth” in photography and the far-reaching impact that has on the industry and on society as a whole.

“But while most pointed to McCurry’s transgression of journalistic integrity, the frequency of terms like ‘truth’ and ‘objectivity’ among these anti-McCurry essays prompted a more interesting discussion about the naive enshrining of truth in photography. As a number of industry professionals concur, while McCurry’s deception of his audience should be condemned, photography is an inherently subjective craft and more pressing issues concerning technology, media practice and visual tropes should lead us to question whether staging or manipulation are really causes for concern as we learn to embrace new visual storytelling techniques that will further our conception of reality.”

Read more in the article “Objectivity or Objectification” in the December/January issue, available now on newsstands.

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