Aime Comme Montréal

by Photo Life

Andree-Yanne and Warren © Mikaël Theimer/Portraits of Montreal

Through February 19, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Diversité artistique Montréal are featuring Aime Comme Montréal. This educational exhibition is part of the programming for Montreal’s 375th-anniversary celebration and features photographs of 30 intercultural couples from Montreal. The couples were followed by photographers Jacques Nadeau (Le Devoir) and Mikaël Theimer (Portraits of Montreal).

Quebec Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion Kathleen Weil said that “the exhibition Aime comme Montréal, in addition to offering an inspiring set of portraits of the unions possible in today’s Montreal, shows our metropolis as it is and as we love it, a city drawing on many sources and one open to the world. This exhibition is in keeping with the trend towards openness and diversity that characterizes Quebec and makes it a magnet for talent throughout the world.”

For more on Portraits of Montreal, check out our article on the project in the February/March issue.

Michel and André © Mikaël Theimer/Portraits of Montreal

Patsy and Ousmane © Mikaël Theimer/Portraits of Montreal

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