Our February/March Issue!

by Photo Life

Our February/March issue!

We’re excited to share our February/March issue with you! It’s packed with great articles covering a wide range of photography topics. Mentoring and the scarcity mentality. Where do we go after 200 years of photography? A Wisdom, Wit and Other Tidbits interview with Angela Grauerholz. A look at Jalani Morgan’s work to diversify collective memory and fill in historical gaps. An introduction to the Portraits of Montreal project. Troy Moth’s advice on making your dreams a reality. Plus a test review of the SpiderLight Holster, a Behind the Image with Felicia Chang, and of course, the FAQ, Gadget Guide, photo news, book reviews, Showtime contest results and more!

“A fellow photographer once told me that to be successful you need to do three things each day that directly benefit your career. Every day. I still believe that. If you truly want to succeed in this industry, it demands a relentless work ethic.” —Troy Moth
“For many, frustration can set in after that initial honeymoon period of first discovering photography because we all desperately desire to be better, to see stronger, and to create and capture more fluidly. And we often have troubles figuring out how to do that. ‘I’m here. But, please, someone…help.’

What if there were a way to learn faster, though? What if emerging photographers were able to tap into the experience and knowledge of those who have walked the path before them, rather than be left to stumble, painfully, in the dark? What if the entire photography community shunned the idea of holding secrets close to the chest and instead embraced the notion that when we all learn…we all get better—and that elevates everyone?” —Dave Brosha
“Why do we photograph the CN Tower, for example? Surely we all know what it looks like, and any number of photographs are available online. Yet, we stand there and snap away, making our own reproductions of the iconic structure. Perhaps we don’t want to forget the moment? Maybe we want to prove to someone that we were indeed there? Or, as Poe wrote, maybe we are in search of a more absolute truth—looking for things only seen in the frozen stillness of the photograph? —Michael Ernest Sweet
“Do have a Sony body (a7, NEX or ILCE) you’d like to use with a Canon EF lens or one of the 19 Sigma SA lenses? The Sigma MC-11 can make this possible. There are two versions: the MC-11 SA-E for Sigma lenses and the MC-11 EF-E for Canon lenses. The automatic focus works with them (in AF-S ‘simple’ mode only; continuous focus is deactivated), and so does image stabilization. Even all the EXIF information will be correctly recorded in the files!” —Jean-François Landry
“Toronto-based Jalani Morgan photographs events and individuals that embody the spirit of the people-of-colour/Black community. As a Caribbean-Canadian, he wants to make sure that their realities are well represented for posterity.

‘I’m not the expert of anything, except of my own experience,’ cautions Jalani Morgan before being interviewed. ‘I’m not the voice of the Black community. I’m one storyteller amongst all those who need to be heard, spoken to, spoken about and seen.’” —Laurence Butet-Roch
“In 2010, American photographer Brandon Stanton started the project Humans of New York. It rapidly become an international phenomenon and was adapted in more than a hundred cities around the world. In 2014, three emerging photographers based in Montreal were inspired to start their own version of the project for their city’s residents. Today the project is helmed by two of the original founders, Mikaël Theimer and Thibault Carron, who are currently working on their first book, Portraits of Montreal, which will be released this spring.” —Sophie Bertrand

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