Three Canadian Winners of World Press Photo

by Photo Life

Standing Rock © Amber Bracken (World Press Photo/Contemporary: First Prize, Stories)/Riot police clear marchers from a secondary road outside a Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) worker camp using rubber bullets, pepper spray, tasers and arrests. In other incidents they’ve employed militarized vehicles, water canons, tear gas and have been accused of using percussion grenades.

World Press Photo has announced the results of its annual photo contest, which had 80 408 photographs submitted by 5034 photographers from 125 countries. The World Press Photo 2017 Photo of the Year was Burhan Ozbilici’s image of the assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey. Three Canadians have been recognized in this year’s winning images. Amber Bracken won First Prize (Stories) for Contemporary Issues for her photo series on the standoff at Standing Rock in North Dakota over the Dakota Access Pipeline. The images, shot over five weeks, document both the resistance to the pipeline and the Sioux’s integration of contemplation and prayer into all activities of life.

Boys Will Be Boys © Giovanni Capriotti (World Press Photo/Sports: First Prize, Stories)/Muddy York Rugby Football Club’s player Michael Smith carries the ball against the Nashville Grizzlies during the semifinal of the Hoagland Shield on Saturday May 29, 2016, at the Ted Rhodes Park, in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville beat Toronto 15-0. The Muddy’s boys finished the tournament with two wins and two losses, marking an historical edition of the Bingham cup. The team’s next goal is to gain the first win ever against a “straight” side.

Giovanni Capriotti received First Prize (Stories) in Sports for his coverage of a gay men’s rugby team, and Darren Calabrese received Third Prize (Stories) in Sports for his photo series of Lindsay Hilton, a disabled female rugby player. The winning photographs will be featured in a touring exhibition that will stop at about 100 cities in 45 countries. World Press has announced upcoming Canadian exhibitions in Montreal (August 30- October 1) and Chicoutimi (October 20-November 12).

Adaptive Athlete © Darren Calabrese/ESPN (World Press Photo/Sports: Third Prize, Stories)/With the aid of chains purchased at the hardware store and deadlift straps, Lindsay performs cleans under the watchful eye of her coach Jenny Jeffries. “It’s been an important relationship for me,” says Jeffries, who was admittedly affected by her mother’s disabilities following a car accident. “How could it not—seeing Lindsay doing what she’s been doing her whole life.”

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