Our April/May Issue!

by Photo Life

We’re thrilled to announce our April/May issue! In addition to showcasing the 22 winning images from our annual photo contest The World We Live In, we’ve also got some thought-provoking, informative and fun articles in store for you! There’s an article on the emerging genre of “documercial” photography. An in-depth feature on Canada’s Boreal Collective and the ways these documentary photographers are navigating changing times in the industry and world. David duChemin’s reflections on chasing the magic. An article on Laurence Butet-Roch and her interactive approach to documenting communities. Plus a Wisdom, Wit and Other Tidbits interview with Michel Huneault, a Behind the Image with Lisa Bettany, the FAQ, Gadget Guide, photo news, book reviews, Showtime contest results and more!

“The world of freelance documentary and photojournalism is weathering a fierce storm. Over the past two decades, news outlets in both Canada and abroad have seen slashed budgets, reduced staff, and a consolidation of newspapers, ultimately resulting in less in-depth storytelling. Hardest hit by this phenomenon are the bastions of independent inquiry—the photographers committed to the visual communication of the issues and stories that underpin a society. And in an attempt to stay afloat, freelance documentarians have turned to an age-old adage: strength in numbers. Since 2010, Boreal Collective has harboured some of Canada’s foremost photographers and established itself as a leader in both contemporary photographic practice and community engagement. Boreal’s drive and momentum have made it not simply a port in the storm but a stalwart flagship of documentary pushing the limits of the genre.”
—Sam Edmonds

“If there’s one word that immediately comes to mind when trying to describe the current marketing landscape across industries, it’s storytelling. It’s hard to even keep track of the number of articles published on this subject (and yes, guilty as charged). Today, every brand needs a story to tell: shoes, bikes, clothes, cars…the product can be anything. What matters is communicating an experience through some form of narrative, turning brands themselves into subjects in their own right and getting eyeballs in the process. And this trend is increasingly having an impact on the way agencies and companies frame their visual strategies. Ours is fast becoming the era of documercial photography.”
—Patrick La Roque

“Working in this participatory way also raises some questions about artistic vision as well. How do photographers balance their artistic vision with the needs or expectations of the community? What happens when the individuals’ desires for the project diverge? How important are aesthetics?”
—Jenny Montgomery

Thank you to all the participants of our 22nd annual contest—you are a talented bunch! We’d also like to express our gratitude to our sponsors and this year’s invited judge, Patrick La Roque.

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