New WG Series Camera From Ricoh Imaging

by Photo Life

Product Launch from Ricoh Imaging

Ricoh Imaging has announced the new WG Series camera, the WG-50. The Ricoh WG series is well known for its tough design which can be used under harsh conditions. With the Ricoh WG-50, we achieved a waterproof performance down to 14 m, and it’s shockproof against falls from a height of 1.6m.

The Ricoh WG-50 also features a freezeproof design to withstand temperatures as low as -10℃ , and is crushproof against weights up to 100 kgf (kilogram force).

With newly added Outdoor View Setting mode, a mode which instantly changes the brightness of the LCD, the WG-50 is far more suitable with outdoor activity then any other previous WG model.

Retail: $369.95

Key Benefits and Features:
•    Waterproof up to 14 m
•    Shockproof up to 1.6 m
•    Coldproof up to -10° C
•    Crushproof up to 100 kgf

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