The MPIO International Image Challenge Now Open for Entries

by Photo Life

© Erich Caparas

The third annual MPIO – International Image Challenge is now open for entries until June 30. The competition includes an Open Challenge for all professional photographers that are non-members of Master Photographers Internatinal Organization (MPIO). Last year’s winner of the “TOP Photographer of the Year” award is Erich Caparas. He also received the titles of MPIO Commercial Photographer of the Year, Digital Illustration Photographer of the Year and Portrait Photographer of the Year. He answered a few questions regarding his 40-year career path.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in your photography career.
I have been a frustrated artist and always want to be an airbrush artist. I see images in my head that I want to put on paper. My problem, which later on became my asset, is I lack patience. I also lacked and unwilling to learn the skill sets needed to be an airbrush artist. I always admired the photographic look airbrush artists can create. Without patience and skills, photography became my vehicle to getting close to creating the visions in my head. My impatience became an asset because, in spite of me being a perfectionist and detail oriented, I developed techniques on pre and post processing that takes minutes instead of hours. These are the same techniques I share in my workshops.

What do you enjoy the most of being a professional photographer?
I didn’t enjoy being a professional photographer because I did what I was told or paid to do. That’s also one of the reasons I quit in 2000 when everything became digital and everyone was a photographer and an art director. I picked it up again in 2012 on the condition that I will only create images I want to create. And that is exactly what I enjoy doing as a photographer.

Do you have a memorable or favourite assignment or capture that was inspirational for you?

My tribal shoot organized by my friend Mehdi Moussaoui is by far the most memorable. So many top-notch professionals volunteered their time to create such an epic image. One of the image from that series is my winningest photo of 2015.

If there was one thing you could change about your career and how you got to be such a successful photographer, what would it be?
Nothing. Apparently, what I did worked so why change something that’s not broken?

What is your vision for your career going forward? Will you change what you have been doing or continue on your current path?
I focus on something different every year. This year, I want to look more into exhibiting and selling my existing images. I’m looking for a good agent/manager who can help me with this.

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