Our August/September Issue!

by Photo Life

Our August/September issue has so many great articles in it that I don’t even know where to start! There’s an in-depth article by Sam Edmonds on the work of Canadian conservation photographers April Bencze, Neil Ever Osborne, Peter Mather, Connor Stefanison and David Ellingsen. David duChemin covers the creative process and also five ways to make stronger travel photos. Patrick La Roque shares his thoughts and reflections on accepting struggles, solitude and lessons. There are interviews with NPAC Photojournalist of the Year Melissa Renwick and Toronto-based artist Robert Burley, test reviews of the Fujifilm X-T20 and the Lensbaby Trio, Dave Brosha’s hilarious story of a misadventure in photography, plus Jean-François Landry’s Q&As and Gadget Guide and all our regular features!

I find myself coming back to the ideas shared in so many of the articles in this issue, especially the reflections on the creative cycle with its peaks and valleys (in David duChemin’s “Know Your Creative Rhythm”) and the process of accepting struggles, solitude and lessons (in Patrick La Roque’s article “We Will Fail”). These articles in particular made me think about the highs and lows of creating art and the role of fear, and I’m reminded of the importance of pushing ourselves for something just out of reach, just beyond what we know we are capable of. In my own artistic process, I find a sense of fear is usually a pretty good indicator of what I projects I should pursue next. I’ll leave you with an excerpt from Patrick La Roque’s article.

“There’s a loneliness to photography—to any artistic pursuit for that matter. We’re alone with ourselves, pushing the intangible and the subjective, hoping someone out there will see a modicum of value in what we’re creating. At our core, we all harbour insecurities, an impostor pathology lurking like some wounded animal, ready to pounce at the smallest hint of negativity. Every photographer I’ve ever spoken with—no matter how successful—has felt its grip at some point. And it never leaves us. In fact, I believe the moment it does is probably the moment we stumble and lose sight of our goal. Fear is fuel. It’s nature’s way of keeping us on our toes and making sure we don’t falter.”

Patrick La Roque

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