Mini-Interview With TWWLI Winner Benjamin Vinar

by Photo Life

© Benjamin Vinar, The Quiraing, Environment 1st Prize, TWWLI VI

Benjamin Vinar, Environment 1st prize-winner of the The World We Live In VI, answered a few questions for us!

Aside from the prizes, what have you gained from having participated in The World We Live In?
Through my participation in The World We Live In photo contest I have gained invaluable recognition of my photography. When the issue of the magazine that contained the winners was released, I had strangers contact me to congratulate me on my win and to show their appreciation of my photo. This is the main reason why I entered the contest. Knowing that the judges, who are professionals in the field, chose my photo above so many others is a huge honor as well. I mainly take photos for myself, simply because I enjoy the art and the process, but as a relatively amateur photographer, it feels good to know that people actually like my photography and encourages me to continue doing what I do. Plus, the fact that my photo has been published in such a great photography magazine is just so cool!

What you would say to other people considering submitting to the contest?
Just do it! What do you have to lose? This was my second year entering the contest. The first year none of my photos placed but that didn’t discourage me from entering again. Entering contests and receiving feedback on your work is one of the best ways to grow as a photographer.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Entering The World We Live In contest, as well as other photography contests, is such a great experience. Even if you never win anything, don’t be discouraged. In fact, take any and all feedback (even if you don’t receive any!) and use that to continue to grow your skill. Everything is a learning experience.

For more information on how to enter this year’s contest, TWWLI VII, check out the contest information and guidelines at

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