Our October/November Issue!

by Photo Life

Our October/November 2017 Issue!

You won’t want to miss the October/November issue! In it, Dave Brosha reveals the power of using environmental portraiture to tell stories. Dale Wilson give us a backstage look at industrial photography with his documentation of the Big Lift project. Michael Ernest Sweet explains some approaches to archiving and protecting our images, and David duChemin talks about creating cohesive work. We have interviews with Toronto photographer Anne Gibson and Magnum photojournalist Larry Towell, an article on Kyler Zeleny’s work, Patrick La Roque’s story about a misadventure in photography, plus Jean-François Landry’s Q&As and Gadget Guide, and all our regular features!

We had a great time putting this issue together, but I am particularly thankful for having had the chance to get to know Anne Gibson while writing the article on her. Anne is an excellent photographer—and also a kind, thoughtful, warm person. Her enthusiasm and generosity of spirit come right through, and I really enjoyed hearing her articulate the “whys” behind her process and work. Her dedication to her community is deeply inspiring. I’ll leave you with one of her thoughts to hold you over until you get a chance to read the article.

“My personal sense of responsibility to the people I photograph is that my work, in some way, ennobles them. I use my photography to connect with humanity—my own and others’. I see the images as artifacts in the world, and I choose to bring artifacts into the world that contribute to the general good. Others like to focus on the decaying, the failing, the diminution of humanity. I see it as a choice. I choose to ennoble that which is often simply overlooked. I want to contribute something of spiritual value.”
Anne Gibson

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