World Press Photo: Chicoutimi

by Photo Life

© Valery Melnikov, Rossiya Segodnya/ World Press Photo 2017/ Long-Term Projects – First Prize/ Title: Black Days Of Ukraine/ Photo caption: Man watering flowers on a street in the destroyed village of Spartak. Story: Ordinary people became victims of the conflict between self-proclaimed republics and the official Ukrainian authorities from 2014 onwards in the region of Donbass. Disaster came into their lives unexpectedly. These people were involved in the military confrontation against their will. They experienced the most terrible things: the death of their friends and relatives, destroyed homes and the ruined lives of thousands of people.

The 2017 World Press Photo exhibition is finishing up its tour to several cities in Canada. Recently in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, the exhibition is making its last stop in Chicoutimi from October 20 through November 12. World Press Photo works “to develop and promote quality visual journalism because people deserve to see their world and express themselves freely.”

© Jaime Rojo/ World Press Photo 2017/ Nature – Third Prize, Singles/ Title: Monarchs In The Snow/ Caption: A carpet of monarch butterflies covers the forest floor of El Rosario Butterfly Sanctuary, in Michoacán, Mexico, on 12 March, after a strong snow storm hit from 8 to 9 March, 2016. The storm hit the mountains of Central Mexico, creating havoc in the wintering colonies of monarch butterflies just as they were starting their migration back north to the USA and Canada. Climate change is creating an increase of these unusual weather events, representing one of the biggest challenges for these actually resilient insects during their hibernation.

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