Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay

by Photo Life

© Renaud Philippe

Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay: International Meeting of Photojournalism is October 18 through November 12. In addition to the World Press Photo 2017 exhibition, you can see seventeen other photo exhibitions, including exhibitions of work by Renaud Philippe, Amber Bracken, Nam Phi Dang, Chloë Ellingson, the News Photographers Association of Canada’s National Pictures of the Year, and many more!

Zoom Photo Festival General and Artistic Director Michel Tremblay said, “Zoom is so much more than a festival. It’s a larger-than-life magazine which demonstrates to which extent photojournalism is essential to depict the world in an accurate way, exactly how it is. The images’ powerful strength brings us to reflect upon subjects such as climate change, geopolitical, social and environmental issues, as well as those relating to aboriginal people, nations’ migration and human rights. Those storytellers confront us. They force us to broaden our horizons and to reconsider our preconceptions.”

The Passport to all access to all exhibitions is $25 if you buy before October 17 (and $50 after that date). This year’s photojournalism contest theme is Human Nature. Check out their website for the full exhibition listing and the schedule of events.

© Amber Bracken

© Chloë Ellingson

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