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Constanza, V, 2015 © Deanna Pizzitelli / Courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery

From November 25 through January 13, Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto is featuring the work of emerging Canadian photo-based artist and writer Deanna Pizzitelli. Created during her time travelling in Slovakia and Europe, her series Koža examines emotional landscapes related to loss, longing and desire. “Koža,” the Slovak word for skin, is an intimate archive and narrative woven together from fragmented, far-away-seeming events and stories of companionship and isolation.

“People lost in thought, landscapes stuck in time. There is a house at the bottom of a hill, a family of horses, a nesting bird. A young man sleeps in a bathtub. A woman’s face is brushed by the wind. These are iterations of the same thing: anxious desire, unvoiced regret, the gradual fading of your life.” – Deanna Pizzitelli

Constanza VII, 2015 © Deanna Pizzitelli / Courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery

Artist Bio:
Pizzitelli completed her BFA in Photography at Ryerson University in 2011, and her MFA at the University of Arizona in 2014. She has published her work in Portfolio Eleven, Sonora Review and Yogurt Magazine, and participated in the 2010, 2011 and 2016 CONTACT Photography Festivals. Her work was recently shown at Paris Photo, Classic Photographs Los Angeles, and at AIPAD in New York.

Holy Water, 2015 © Deanna Pizzitelli / Courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery

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