Mini-Interview With TWWLI Grand-Prize Winner Arianne Clément

by Photo Life

© Arianne Clément/The World We Live In VI, Grand Prize

Arianne Clément, The World We Live In VI’s g
rand-prize winner, answered a few questions for us about her grand-prize expedition cruise with Adventure Canada, her work, and her advice for entering photo contests—and she shared some images from her trip!

Can you share about your experience with the Adventure Canada expedition?
Everyone preparing to go on this type of cruise inevitably envisions the picturesque scenes they’ll see: small fishing villages at the end of a bay, magnificent rocky seaside landscapes, majestic whale sightings in the middle of the ocean, and gigantic icebergs that bring to mind the Titanic, which still haunts her resting place not so far away…

Of course, Newfoundland has all of that. It’s no fish story to say that this place is visually rich and inspiring for everyone who sees it—and even more so for us artistic types. In addition to the landscape, as a person who places people at the centre of my photographic practice, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about those I shared this adventure with. Of course, my experience was enriched by the residents of the magnificent places where we stopped, extraordinary and proud people with wonderful stories. But above all, it was the staff of Adventure Canada—heroes often forgotten on this type of trip…servers, housekeeping staff and receptionists who are often far from family—whose stories particularly touched me.

Aside from the prizes, what have you gained from having participated in The World We Live In?
Submitting your work to an established, respected contest is always an enriching experience. It’s an opportunity to put yourself before professionals in the field. When I submitted to The World We Live In, I didn’t have any expectations so I was all the more honoured and proud to receive the grand prize. The visibility that my work has had thanks to being published in the prestigious Photo Life and Photo Solution magazines is invaluable, and I am profoundly grateful to the editors for their support.

What you would say to other people considering submitting to the contest?
I would advise both professionals and enthusiasts to share their work as much as possible. Participating in contests like The World We Live In is an excellent way to do it, and if this part of your artistic life sometimes seems unrewarding and frustrating, remember that it can also be very stimulating and gratifying, even offering the chance to reach a larger audience. When I took this photo of Anne-Marie, I never would have imagined that it would lead to a cruise around Newfoundland!

Anything else you’d like to share?
I’m currently working on a photo project about 100 year olds in Canada and elsewhere. I’m also doing a series of poetic nudes of people 70 years old and up, as well as an essay on love in the senior years. If you’re interested in participating in one or more of these projects or if you know people who might be, please contact me through my website:

For more information on how to enter this year’s contest, TWWLI VII, check out the contest information and guidelines at

© Arianne Clément

© Arianne Clément

© Arianne Clément

© Arianne Clément

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