Mini-Interview With TWWLI Winner Moriah Dyke

by Photo Life

© Moriah Dyke, Aurora the Beluga, Environment 2nd Prize, TWWLI VI

Moriah Dyke, The World We Live In VI’s Environment 2nd-Prize winner,  answered a few questions for us!

Aside from the prizes, what have you gained from having participated in The World We Live In?
Participating in this contest has helped me grow as an artist, seeing my photo along side of the other winners has given me insight into how differently everyone views photography. Your photo might not be the best technically, but sometimes it’s the photos with the most meaning behind the photo that get chosen over others.

What you would say to other people considering submitting to the contest?
Sometimes as an artist you don’t realize the worth of your art until someone else tells you.  The only way for that to happen is to get your art out in the world for others to see! Entering into this contest is a great way to do that.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Art is about growth, if you don’t put yourself out there you won’t know how to improve. I’ve always told myself if I came across a photo I felt caught my attention, I would always ask myself why? What is drawing my attention? And then take that and apply that to my art. Personal and professional critique is the only way to grow into the photographer you want to be.

For more information on how to enter this year’s contest, TWWLI VII, check out the contest information and guidelines at

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