Sony World Photography Awards: Deadlines Approaching!

by Photo Life

Out of the Blue/ Series Description: After traveling to the pristine lands of Iceland and Namibia, my interest in the geological and aesthetic qualities of our earth has grown; specifically, its geology and the spectrum of colours that it manifests. This time, I focused on areas where colours emerge out of the earth. Surfaces that have endured chaos but have calmed down over time. Additionally, I kept my eye on the natural life in these ancient places, while exploring how its aesthetic features intertwine with human elements that seem to adapt themselves to these specific climates./ © Maroesjka Lavigne, Courtesy of Robert Mann Gallery

Organized by the World Photography Organisation, the Sony World Photography Awards competition is open to photographers of all experience levels. The competition categories and approaching deadlines are Student Focus (December 4), Youth (January 4), Open (January 4), and Professional (January 11). Entries submitted in the Open category are automatically considered for the National Awards. You may only enter images in one of the competitions.

The Professional competition has two new categories this year: Creative and Discovery. In addition, Sony will offer multiple $7000 grants to selected winners in the Student Focus and Professional competitions for photography projects of the winners’ choice. The Sony Grant program was piloted in 2016 when they awarded grants to Amélie Labourdette, Maroesjka Lavigne and Nikola Linares, all 2016 winners from the Professional category. Shortlisted photographers in the Student Focus competition will also be given $3500 for a new commission of photographic work by Sony and World Photography Organisation.

In the North of Montenegro a shepherd is walking to his herd of sheep with a selfmade broom in his hand. The broom was used to wipe off the snow lying on the back of the sheep./ There is a peculiar transformation of nature when winter comes, when snow and ice start to dominate the landscape and when humans and animals have to deal with the extreme weather. The series investigates this struggle against disappearance. The struggle against a whiteout. These photos were made in the Balkans, Scandinavia, and Central Asia; remote areas where people often live in isolation and in close contact with nature. A harsh existence, fighting against superhuman forces./ © Frederik Buyckx, Belgium, Photographer of the Year, Professional, Landscape, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

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