2018 Buyer’s Guide: Now Available!

by Photo Life

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou’ll notice from our new cover and look that we’ve changed things up a little with the Photo Life 2018 Buyer’s Guide! Instead of focusing on comparing the specs of new releases by product category, we decided to put items in context with how we actually use them as photographers. This more curated approach will help you find the right products for you and the type of photography you enjoy doing!

Patrick La Roque and Guy Langevin explain this approach,”This year we decided to define photographers. As in various types of photographers. And then we divided products according to those categories. Obviously, the world isn’t black and white: you can be a studio photographer who also loves shooting street. We know this, so please don’t take any of it too literally. But we had a lot of fun creating these ten photographer profiles and figuring out the type of gear each one would likely be interested in. Again, if you prefer a backpack for street photography or enjoy a telephoto lens when shooting landscape…go ahead, it’s all perfectly fine. The beauty of our craft lies in the endless possibilities it offers.”

Get your copy of the Photo Life 2018 Buyer’s Guide for only $12.99 plus taxes (shipping and handling within Canada included).

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