TWWLI: Now You Can Submit Series!

by Photo Life

© Vladimir Antaki, My Name Is Wesson Dagnew, The World We Live In VI, Humanity 7th Prize. // The series category did not exist in the 6th edition, but this image is part of a series by Vladimir Antaki, online here:

This year we have added a completely new theme: Series. It’s an open category, which means you don’t need to stick to a particular subject matter, and you are permitted to submit series of three images or more. We wanted to add this theme because we know that sometimes stories can best be told in multiple images.

In this post are two winning images by Arianne Clément and Vladimir Antaki from the 6th edition of the contest. Though these images were selected for their strength as individual images, both were also a part of a larger series. If you look at the URL included in the captions or click on the images, you will see the complete series.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that a number of you have been submitting entries that are parts of a series, so now is your chance to actually submit the work as a complete series to be judged a whole! And if you have never tried working in series, why not give it a try? It’s fun to try to discover ways to deepen your reflection on a subject through multiple images. Just remember: your work will be judged as a series, so make sure that everything you submit with the series is strong and belongs in the same series. And when you name your images, follow these instructions to make sure we know which photos are a part of your series:

For images submitted under the series category, please add “series1” at the end of the file name of each image to identify it as belonging in a series. If you have more than one series, label them series2, series3, etc.

Let us know if you have any questions! And if you are a subscriber, check out Patrick La Roque’s “The Narrative: How to Tell a Multilayered Story Through Images” in the August/September 2016 issue in the online digital archives. La Roque’s “Beyond the Snapshot” might also inspire you!

For more information on how to enter this year’s contest, TWWLI VII, check out the contest information and guidelines at

© Arianne Clément/ The World We Live In VI, Grand Prize // The series category did not exist in the 6th edition, but this image is part of a series by Arianne Clément, online here:

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