Our February/March issue!

by Photo Life

You won’t want to miss the February/March issue! This issue marks the debut of ​Photo Life​’s new look! To align with our dreams and vision for the magazine, we’ve rethought and redesigned Photo Life in a way that prioritizes images and lets the content bre​athe.​ ​

In this issue, ​Dave Brosha talks about hurdles and working toward photographic goals​, and Patrick La Roque ​​shares about finding our voice though personal projects. There are interviews with Geoffrey James and Yannis Davy Guibinga, plus a test of the new Olympus f/1.2. In addition, Dale Wilson reveals a misadventure he had in photography, Xavier Bonacorsi shares about doing an Iceland photo workshop, and David duChemin takes on the subject we are supposed to avoid at dinner parties…money! All that and much more—you won’t want to miss this issue!

While working on this issue, I particularly enjoyed Patrick La Roque’s “Core Reality: Finding Our Voice Through Personal Work.” In it, he focuses on the importance of working on projects we’re passionate about, even if they’re not a big “crowd pleaser.”

“I’m a big believer in photographers shooting what they love or shooting something that is a big part of their life. We tend to go the extra mile when the projects are close to our hearts, and the viewer picks up on this.”
—Patrick La Roque

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