Capturing Light and Shadows Day

by Photo Life

© Johan Sörensen

The Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs’ Capturing Light and Shadows Day is April 21 in Markham, Ontario. The day will focus on two themes this year: portraiture and wildlife images. Two keynote speakers will cover the topics and how to shoot these types of images. Chris Pepper will speak on wildlife, and Johan Sörensen will address portraiture. The breakout sessions are Wildlife Shooting with Dr. Ron Goodlin, a workshop on outdoor portrait shooting with flash with Bill Drummond (sponsored by Vistek) and a workshop on studio portraits with Sörensen (sponsored by Panasonic). The other sessions include Shooting and Printing in Black and White with Leif Petersen, How to Choose and Compose Your Images for a Competition with Harvey Rogers, and a demo breakout on timelapse photography with Bharat Mistry. The Tech Talk presenter Jason DiMichele will talk about mirrorless technology.

© Chris Pepper

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